Lessons in Nepal (2)

Quite a while ago I wrote a post titled ‘Lessons in Nepal (1)”. This gave the hopeful suggestion for, at least, a part 2.

Since I’m living in Nepal, you’d expect it wouldn’t be hard to write a daily blog on the life here. Cause everything, literally everything is different.

But the funny thing with those things is: human beings are flexible, and you can get used to anything. Even to the fact that Nepali’s don’t get the concept of ‘to line up’, and therefor you either have to be assertive or patient (your choice) when buying your groceries. And that shaking your head means yes, but sometimes no.

Even now I can’t think of funny, strange, curious things. This is just Nepal, and things are the way they are. But that won’t help you guys any further.

So right now I promise to be more alert, and to keep a list in my mind with all those things you won’t see or experience¬† in the Netherlands (or western countries in general…).

Like the pashmina shawls that are being sold with a sign on it saying ‘”Dear Human, Please Feel Me.”


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