it looked just like a date

When I put the helmet on my head and got on the motorbike, I just had to smile. It looked just like a date.

I had been waiting on the couch with a chicklit for over an hour, waiting till I’d be picked up. “He’s too late!” Dyana had remarked. And now she asked me if I wasn’t gonna need a jacket.

It looked just like a date – except for the fact that Dyana was not my mom, but the owner of the hostel I was staying at. And it was not just one guy who picked me up, but three. I was in Indonesia.

Danu, my tourguide in Surabaya, had invited me to go to the mall with him and his friends. In the Netherlands, we don’t have such a thing.

The McDonalds didn’t only sell fries and burgers, but spaghetti and rice as well.

The movie we watched was complicated but Johnny Depp kept me awake.

Driving home, I mean back to the hostel, my thoughts wandered off, like usually when I’m on a bike, on the bus or in the car. I get the best inspiration, insights and writing ideas when I’m traveling. Or when I’m listening to a Nepali sermon and there’s no translation. Or just before I fall asleep, so that I don’t remember it when I wake up.
Anyway. So I was thinking, on the back of that motorbike. I was thinking about the people I meet, the cultures I experience, the language I’m learning, the new kinds of food I’m trying out…

It’s just funny how your life can change so much in such a short time. One day you’re delivering mail, selling coffee, washing hundreds of coffeecups in the kitchen. The next day you speak Nepali and you’re on the back of a motorbike in Indonesia.

I could make this a very deep and philosophical blog, but I’ll just finish with this thought: there’s a time for everything :-)


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