on our way

My flight from Indonesia to Hong Kong was not the most relaxed flight. I had been wondering since Saturday morning what had been going on in Kathmandu, but I had to wait till I arrived in Hong Kong to read the news. At  http://www.thehimalayantimes.com or http://www.ekantipur.com/en you can read the latest news about the Maoists activities.

During the flight we were asked for donations for an area that was hit by an earthquake. Which nation it was was not entirely clear to me, but seeing the number of quakes over the last few months it could have been anywhere.

Shortly before arrival we were warned for the swine flu, and the department of health advised us to stay inside in case we showed any symptoms of it (fever or cough)

The CNN news said people from Louisiana to Alabama were able to smell the oil.

While I was trying to track down the Starbucks at the airport (mission failed) I wondered if there would be more things going wrong today. Many people are talking about the end of the world, and yes the end is coming, but that has always been the case.

When I sat down with a cappuccino from Cafe Deco (an acceptable alternative) I listened to a sermon, live from a church in Amersfoort, and the question he started with was interesting on a day like today: “Do we as a church have a future?” Good question, sermon writer. But I like the theme: “On our way to the heavenly kingdom’.

And that’s right. We’re on our way to the heavenly kingdom. And if all the protesters, communists and rioters don’t mind: I’ve got work to do along the way.


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