there’s always a bright side

I live life according to the undervalued principle ‘always look at the bright side of life’. If I’d be stranded in the desert without any water, I would think to myself that it’s a good thing lions don’t live there. Something like that.

Today is the fifth consecutive day of the national bandha. Almost every shop is closed, they’re running out of food, vehicles are not allowed on the roads, the whole day thousands of Maoists will walk around town to make their point clear, and nobody knows when this is gonna end.

But, just like a true optimist should, I’m able to list a few positive things in this situation.

* the air is clean. No cars, no motorbikes, no factories…we can breathe again!!!
* there’s almost 24/7 power. The factories, usually using the most electricity, are closed now. The ’12 hours a day no power’ is now changed to ‘maybe 2 hours a day no power’.
* plenty of time to do the things you normally don’t have time for, like reviewing 7 weeks of Nepali class, bake an omelet for breakfast everyday, and play games in which you learn things like the Yellow Stone Park is the oldest national park in the USA.

(Just in case you were wondering where I’m at while fanatic Maoists with sticks and other stuff are wandering through town and vandalize shops who dare to be opened: I’m staying with 2 friends in a quiet area of the city. Everything that I know about the demonstrations and actions I read on the internet and I keep a safe distance of approximately 5 km. between me and the demonstrators.)


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