First of all, you shouldn’t get used to 3 blogs a week. That’s not gonna become a habit ;-)

Friday night they finished the bandha, for the well being of the people and such things. Too bad, because now we don’t have clean air and plenty of power anymore.
Just kidding. Today we ate icecream at Baskins Robbins to celebrate, cause that’s how happy we are!!

For the occasion, I created a contest. And yes, that means there’s a prize involved. What that is I don’t know yet is a secret.

Answers can be submitted through email, Facebook messages, comments or a personal visit, before Sunday night 11:59 pm Nepali time. At first, the winner was gonna be the one who would submit the correct answers first. But actually, I have a better plan – in case there are several correct answers, I think the most original one should win. So have fun ;-)

1) How much did 6 days of strike cost Nepal?
2) What is the full name of the Maoist leader in Nepal?

This is also a good occasion to view my regularly updated photoalbum – also available for non-Facebookers.

Hasta la pasta!

ps -just to be clear: today they emphasized the strike is not WITHDRAWN, but only POSTPONED. So it’s good news, but only for the short term.


2 thoughts on “contest

  1. 1) on average, one day banda would cost Rs 1.96 billion…so times 6? Rs 11.76 billion (WOW)
    2) Prachanda. born Chhabilal Dahal, later Pushpa Kamal Dahal

    my goodness, the competitiveness in me is coming out at the word, “contest.” HAHAHAHAHA

    Love you and miss you, Ruth!

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