and we got a winner!

I’m very glad to announce that we’ve got a winner! How fast his response came in amazed me, as well as the accuracy.

“The leader’s name is Prachanda, born as Chhabilal Dahal, later Pushpa Kamal Dahal. And the costs were 15 billion rupees, so”

With this correct answer, Cor Klapwijk deserves a great price, which will be delivered at his home asap!

Only 2 minutes later Maaike van Slooten submitted her answer. Though her answer was correct, and just as accurate as Cor’s answer,  she was just a little too late, unfortunately…

Ellen Klapwijk knew the right name, but couldn’t name an exact amount. Famke van Wuykhuyse knew it cost 15 billion, but mentioned a different Prachanda.

Debbie Lee did some math and figured the total costs were 11,76 billion. Just a little more, Debbie! :-)

Thanks for your participation, and stay tuned, who knows there might be another contest sometime ;-)


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