a few thoughts

*I suspect they placed the important buildings in Kathmandu purposefully far away from each other. From the campus to the ministry of education, and from there to the immigration office – it wouldn’t surprise me a bit if everybody earns a percentage of what the taxi drivers make by people like me.

*nearly 450 years ago there was a farmer living in a polder (for those of you who now think: “polder? what in the world..?” …how else did you think half of the netherlands could be below sealevel?) with the name ‘Clapwyck’. This became his last name, and this name somehow evolved in the name ‘Klapwijk’.
The officer of immigration will be eternally grateful. He had to write my name on the file. He did this with the highest concentration and devotion. After every 2 letters he had to look inside the folder, to make sure he was writing it correctly. When he ended up at ‘wijk’ he had to check after every single letter.

*what a great country, where taxi drivers can invite you to their home, and who give you their number so that you can call them and they can pick you up wherever you are (who needs a taxi office anyway).


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