a little busy

I have 9 drafts. All 9 of them are half written posts, about taxi drivers, ploughing fields, and the art of postponing,

I started them, forgot my point halfway through and then the bell for teatime rang or I remembered I was blogging AGAIN while I still had homework to do.

And usually there’s so much in my mind I want to share, that I simply don’t know how to make a good story out of it.

This post actually almost turned into a draft as well, since I still have to prepare English class for today.

La, hunchha, till next time and if you really want to talk with me, make a Skype date :-) (…including the risk of me forgetting about it, but I’m trying my best, I really do!) (it’s just that the whole concept of having a diary in Nepal is kind of a joke)


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