I can do that!

Since I was a little girl with 2 pony tails and a strawberry outfit, I have had an attitude that can best be described as ‘I can do that!’.

I’m not talking here about things that were doable, like remembering which 5 groceries to buy without bringing a list, or finishing VWO, or jump from the highest in the swimming pool.

When I was nine, I sent a manuscript to a publisher (I even knew what a manuscript was). I was determined to be the youngest published writer ever. I could do that.

When I was ten, I demolished an old iron mixer with my sister Grietje, to make a radio-controlled car for Jacob. We could do that.

For years I’ve been convinced I was gonna make a perpetual motion. What do you mean, impossible? I could do that.

When years passed, I got a more realistic view on life. But somehow, it’s still there. And maybe that’s the drive to learn Nepali.

Every time I hear someone talking…I could do that!


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