World Cup in Nepal

Since I live here, I’ve been doing my grocery shopping at Sahadev’s shop. In all those 5 months we never got past the “namaste” – until last Friday. I decided to throw in the Nepali equivalent of “what’s up?” and before I knew it we were discussing the various participating teams of the World Cup.

And let me tell you – the Nepali’s might not know how to play football, but the true fan can be found here. Argentina is the most popular team, but many are able to name Arjen Robben as well.

When Sahadev heard our tv was broken, he didn’t hesitate but invited me right away to watch the Dutch games in ‘the club’. The club had a generator and a big screen.

In the second half, the trouble started. Electricity was gone.
Immediately, they turned on the generator.
They put the plug in the other outlet. Okay, it was not a plug. It were 2 wires which they just stuck into the outlet.

They turned on the projector again, and altogether it took 3 minutes before the game was being shown again. One more minute for the sound to come back.

Eight minutes later the power came back on.

The generator was turned off.
The wires were put in the other outlet.
The projector was turned on.
The power went out again.

I think I’ve seen about half of the second half. Also, I was one of the few supporters for the Netherlands.

That can be quite lonely when they make a goal.

But we did win.


2 thoughts on “World Cup in Nepal

  1. that is AWESOME! do we get to watch some world cup from there?
    we had a pretty intense world cup convo at bhat bhateni the other day… haha. we were trying to spend quite a bit of money, and the guy just wanted to talk football! it was awesome. =)

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