no, I’m not superwoman either

I have a confession to make. Hold on – it might be quite a shock. Ready? Okay.

Even missionaries have a bad day, every now and then.

What? Yeah I know, I know. Life is fantastic when you serve the Lord, especially when you do this in the jungle. We sing from morning to evening, day after day, and struggles are received with rejoicing, because it makes us stronger.

Okay, back to reality.

Sometimes the homesickness will hit.
Sometimes I just don’t want to wash my clothes by hand.
“Rain shower” has a whole different meaning here, than in the Netherlands.
And why is the culinary taste of Nepal not just a little wider developed?
And sometimes there just is no reason. Those days I get up and wish it was evening already.

Whether you are in Nepal, the Netherlands, the USA or in Sweden: in the end, we’re all just people.

But it’s a little different when there’s not sister around to go drink a coffee with, or a friend who brightens your mood with a movie, or a brother to go to a concert with.

Though sometimes, there’s no reason anymore to be in a bad mood.

When seeing him, for example.

Or if you can decorate your room with the Dutch red-white-blue, at your evergrowing wall of fame.

Or when you’re preparing your teaching for the DTS and you are more and more amazed by the greatness of God’s grace.


2 thoughts on “no, I’m not superwoman either

  1. yes Ruth you are writing your heart’s feeling. and there is no reason to be in bad mood all the times. Aayus makes it just different atmosphere.

    you are invited to come and have a nice cup of coffee with my sweet heart tomorrow. plus.. something nice bread in the breakfast.

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