memorable times

The original title of this post was “June 29th, 2010 was a memorable day”. It certainly was, but this post should be about more than just that.

Okay, let’s talk about my birthday first. Teaching in DTS, Dutch ‘happy birthday’ song over the phone (2 times!), flowers, gifts, prayer, lassi’s, emails, mail, texts, ecards…what more can you wish for.

Well…to spend a night in a hotel, for example.



I am very blessed :-)

But these are memorable times anyway.

The WORLD CUP is going on, my friends! And Nepal is completely, I repeat completely into it. And also, I symbolize the Netherlands these days. In The Shop (you know, Sahadev’s shop) we talk about the Netherlands every day. I got myself an orange shirt, so that anyone can see from which awesome country I am.

Other than that? There are some rumours that 3 foreigners did an attempt to learn Nepali dance. Until the proof is on YouTube, this can’t be confirmed though. I have just one thing to say: memorable.

And finally: a Skype call the Netherlands – Nepal. Memorable; a better word than this can not be found. I’ll give you a clue:

“Heey! Can you hear me?”

“Ohh…I can hear you now! … or not? How are you?”
“Hello! Hello!”
“I’m doing well, thanks? Was that what you just asked? What?”
“I don’t think you can hear me. Or, can you? I just heard you! Kinda!”



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