Things I Appreciate Since Living In Nepal


It is not necessarily related to the fact I’m living in Nepal, though.
Just sayin’…

languages are awesome…interesting…fascinating…rich…and a key to understand culture. I can get passionate about the simple past tense. Yes, it’s true.

they’re nice, and look good, and can function as a face mask to protect your lungs when you’re on the road

they’re cheap, and tasty, and healthy. The perfect snack.

an envelope or package with my name on it simply makes my day – no, week.

washer machine
you put dirty clothes inside – you turn it on – 45 minutes later your laundry is CLEAN. It’s a miracle.

you can make falafel.

hot water bottles
believe me – the winters here are COLD.

believe me – the monsoon is INTENSE.

the perfect protection from the sun. At first you think you look silly. Then you realize it’s just awesome.

I’ve learned more about myself and about other cultures in 3 years traveling the world than in 21 years living in 1 country.

WordPress stats
ok, I admit it. Probably my most visited page. I just love that people read my blog.


8 thoughts on “Things I Appreciate Since Living In Nepal

  1. things I appreciate since you live in Nepal:
    reading your blog; absolutely beats everything!!
    wondering when there will be electricity so we can skype; I like the surprises of living in different countries/cultures…

  2. At first, I was reading too fast so I read ‘scars’ instead of ‘scarves’. “They’re nice, and look good…”
    My first thought: ‘That DOES it. She’s coming home RIGHT now!’

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