Ruth Is Flying In Nepal

The other day I ran off a Nepali hill, with a kite and a pilot attached to me. It’s
called paragliding and it’s pretty awesome.

(Me: “So, how long have you been doing this?
Pilot Anil: “This is my second day.”)

this is how I felt before take off

I think if you could do this anywhere, Nepal should be your first choice. Even if the clouds cover the mountains. I mean – the view. Glorious.
Other then some side effects

(Me: “So…what do you do in case you need to throw up?”)

it was just great.

I think how you start to fly, is interesting.

You’re standing on the hill, with the pilot and the kite behind you. You start walking, and this will lift up the kite as it catches the wind. The pressure will force you to stop, till the kite is right above you. Then you start to run forward, down the hill, and you know that pretty soon it’ll be too steep to keep running – and then you realize your legs are just kicking in the air – you’re flying!

Well, basically this is a metaphor about my life. Maybe about yours, as well. I don’t know how you feel about the things you do in life. Maybe you feel confident and secure, and you know what you’re doing. I feel like that, too – sometimes.

But usually I feel like running of a hill that is too steep. Luckily, I have this kite that is lifting me up before I fall. And there’s the wind that keeps me flying.





One thought on “Ruth Is Flying In Nepal

  1. Ik heb HJ voor zijn vorige verjaardag een bon gegeven voor een les (zweef)vliegen. Heel wat anders dan paragliding, maar het lijkt me echt een angstaanjagend maar tegelijkertijd awesome gevoel om in de lucht te zweven, met niets anders dan het geluid van de wind en een fantastisch uitzicht (en, in jouw geval, een piloot aan je rug gegespt). Dank je voor je post! Mijn neefje was trouwens onwijs blij met de postzegels. :) Liefs en een grote knuffel.

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