It’s Sunday And I’m Blogging

(sory for the title, there really was nothing else I could think of.)

It’s Sunday today, and a nice one at that. Over the past weeks, the heat, rain and humidity have slowly disappeared and we’re all enjoying cooler mornings and evenings. I’m sleeping under a blanket, friends! The joy!!

Soon I won’t remember how it feels to be too hot to walk anywhere, to be covered in sweat after a minute outside, to be longing for the fan and dreading the hours the power is out and the fan useless.

But this is fall, and it is beautiful.

I spent the day inside, cleaning my room and getting ready for work again. I just spent 3 amazing weeks with my parents, full of adventures, challenges and fun. We went from the dirty cities to the hot Terai area to the cold mountains, rode elephants, taxis, buses, motor bikes, and bicycles.

And all I can say now, is that I am thankful. Sad that they have left, but so grateful for the time we got to spend together.

I’m thankful and happy and ready for the things to come.

And here’s a song for you to enjoy on this beautiful day!



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