The Mountains In Mustang

I spent 5 days in the mountains of Mustang, in Nepal. My parents and I flew into Jomsom in a tiny airplane. On the first day, we decided to go on a hike towards Muktinath, a Buddhist and Hindu pilgrimage site.

When we were walking back towards Jomsom, I looked up at the Nilgiri North, and I marveled at its beauty. I was simply in awe of this mountain, this rock that just stood there and had always been there, through the ages.

Nilgiri North

When I see mountains, I see God.
But I don’t worship the mountain – I worship the one who created it.

I see his faithfulness, majesty and beauty reflected in it.

By seeing the mountains, I get closer to the creator.

Is creation meant to draw us closer to him?
Is it calling out his name?
Is it reflecting some of the innumerous aspects of his being?

I believe creation is a way for us to know the creator.

To know someone so marvelous, wonderful, beautiful, nothing else could help us then reflections and hints by the very work of his own hands.

What a God we have – who not only couldn’t stay distant from his beloved children, but also knows the limitations of our mind and heart to know a God so big.


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