Sooooo…….I Met This Guy

I know, I know. You’re probably not waiting to hear stories of butterflies and rainbows a.k.a. monologues of a girl in love.

Feel free to skip this post (and the 231 other posts that are likely to follow).

But here’s my excuse.

You are not here, I am not there.
I can not just go and hang out with my girlfriends and talk about boyzzz (no, we don’t stop talking about boyzzz when we turn 18. Who are you kidding?)
I can not take him to birthday parties and introduce him to you.

So, this is my way of introducing this guy to you – this guy that walked into my life almost 2 years ago and then several months ago kind of decided to stay.

I love that he has never complained that his girlfriend is driving him around town (on a motor cycle no less!) instead of the other way around (to be honest, I would LOVE it if he would drive me. But he doesn’t have a license. Technically, I don’t have one either…sssh)

I love that we can be total dorks around each other and we don’t care. Example? We were sitting next to each other on the couch when we changed our relationship status on Facebook. Then we just sat there and looked at all the ‘likes’ and comments coming in.
Or ā€“ have you ever heard of a helmet-hug?
We are dorks.

I love that he will always ask me if he should punch the guy when he thinks it’s needed. Jacob is not a puncher. Still I’m glad he first asks me so I can say no. (Sometimes I wonder what will happen if I say yes :) )

I love that sometimes he forgets I don’t speak Swedish until he’s halfway done with a sentence. Or when he can’t think of the English word he will just say it in Swedish, maybe secretly hoping that I will understand it in some miraculous way. I don’t. But I love listening to Swedish anyway.

I love that the first thing he taught me about Swedish culture had to do with coffee. Seriously ā€“ who can resist a country that has a tradition so awesome?

I love that he will share his food with you if your order turns out to be disappointing, because he feels bad.

I love that we are both (very nice and friendly but still stubborn) besserwissers, although I won’t admit it as easily as he does. I always have Google and Wikipedia as my back up though.

And finally ā€“ I love that his dreamjob would be a job where he can run around all day but still has to wear a suit. There’s only one job that would fit that description. Tell me if you know it.

We need more (better) pictures. But I like this one, although Jacob says he looks 'insanely happy' in it. That's not (only) because we had a lot of fun that day. It's also because right before this picture, I accidentally took a weird funny video and we were still laughing about that. I do not think this video will be shared.


12 thoughts on “Sooooo…….I Met This Guy

  1. sooooo….totally rad! awesome! And delightfully delighted that God is blessing you two with a love relationship! :-) hugs to both and prayers for more weird funny videos and lots more laughs! Oh, by the way, I not only love the picture!!! but also the two in it! :-)

  2. i request to see the aforementioned video. and i don’t think that jacob should ask you anymore if he needs to beat me up. ;) haha! and who wouldn’t be insanely happy sitting next to a pretty girl like you??? ;)

  3. Hij moet gewoon manager worden van een verlieslijdend, commercieel bedrijf met onwillige, humeurige medewerkers, in een sector waarin de concurrentie moordend is. Dan ren je wel de hele dag, denk ik.

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