Today I Saw Jiwan

Today I had some momo’s and a Sprite with a couple of kids. Well, technically they are not kids, as they were aged between 13 and 17. But when you would see them, you would probably think they were all around 10 years old.

Unless you would look at their eyes.

They devoured their afternoon snack and made sure everyone got an orange as well, including me and my friend.
They had put down their bags with trash that they were collecting to show us the momo place of a christian friend, a lovely lady who was happy to see them and us, and who served us with a smile.

I asked their names, because I wanted to know who we were hanging out with.
One of them was named Jiwan, which means life. Another kid was named Bikash – which means development.

All five of them, and many of their friends, had been to our place earlier that week to attend a Christmas program that was put together for them. They had enjoyed that, as one of them told me with a sweet smile. He proudly showed me his red fleece sweater that had been the Christmas gift.

Later he told us that his friend had sold his that same day, for 250 rupees, and had used the money to buy glue.
Another friend, who wasn’t wearing his fleece, quickly assured us he had not sold his, but that he had carefully put it away with his other stuff – somewhere.

I don’t know where they sleep tonight. Or if they have had dinner.
I don’t know if they still sell their trash to the guy that sells them glue.

I don’t know if they have parents still, and if they think of them.

But I know that today at the momo place, for that little while, they were not invisible anymore.






(here I wrote something about compassion)


3 thoughts on “Today I Saw Jiwan

  1. Oh Ruth. Weeping! Praise you for opening your hearts to momo’s and Jiwan! and his friends. : -) It is soooo very hard…but one moment at a time can mean a life time of Jesus’ love for those kiddos. Bless you, bless you, bless you. Hugs :-)

  2. Indrukwekkend… Ik heb er geen woorden voor; je lijkt zo weinig te kunnen doen, maar inderdaad, voor hun om te weten dat jullie om ze geven, is al zó veel!

  3. Een woord voor jou Ruthie! ….en voor alle Jiwans en Bikashes
    Zalig die hongeren en dorsten naar de gerechtigheid. Want zij zullen verzadigd worden.

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