Goat Gerald Is Dead

If all the ‘yes’- voters on the most recent poll are waiting for some bloody pictures and videos right now, sorry to disappoint you – turns out that half of the votes are from one and the same person. Which makes the results pretty much 50/50. But I never promised I would actually base my decision on those results, so technically I could do whatever I wanted.
But in an attempt to be considerate (I don’t wanna be held responsible for fainting people at their work place) (stop reading blogs during work time anyway) I won’t post pictures of poor Goat Geralds last minutes on earth.

Also, I don’t really wanna be reminded of Goat Gerald. Because did this fellow spread some unpleasant odor while he was still in the land of the living, the taste of his cooked and curried meat was even worse.

This year is almost over and that should inspire me to write some deep and profound reflections. But all I can think about is the sunshine of these days, the language learning which is sometimes driving me crazy and sometimes making me very happy and content, climbing hills and exploring new places.

Life is good, God is good, this year was good, and now I’m off to play some Monopoly.

Here are some random pictures.

I discovered the macro option



Santa got me an apron



last picture of Goat Gerald



he's my favorite


5 thoughts on “Goat Gerald Is Dead

  1. haha, sorry, ik móest checken of ik de poll kon bedotten :P Maar een poll waarbij je niets met de resultaten doet is vrij zinloos.
    Eigenlijk precies hetzelfde principe als stemmen voor een parlement, nu ik er over na denk.

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