Goodbye 2011

The new year started with a minor case of The Explosives. But it was worth it, as far as it can ever be ‘worth it’, cause the explosives are no fun.

It may have been the noodles with undefinable sauce we had that day, or maybe the milk tea that had some…stuff floating around in it. Who knows? Who ever knows in Nepal. Maybe the water filter hadn’t done its job well enough, or maybe it’s an amoeba crawling around in my intestines.
Really…you never know.

Earlier that day we had had our questionable lunch at a village house on a hill, overlooking Pokhara valley on one side, and the white Annapurna mountains on the other side.
We had never been there, only looked at the hill and wondered how awesome it would be up there.
Well – it was awesome.

When we drove through the valley before going up the hill, we crossed a river which appeared to be THE picnic spot for the cool people. There were several groups spending their Saturday off with food and music. After driving up the hill for 1,5 hours, a couple of hundred meters above the valley, we could still hear Bryan Adams!

I’d like to give some credit to my Splendor – this little bike, only 97 cc, made it up that steep hill without complaints or trouble. It carried both of us and could have kept going, if we hadn’t met the end of the road.
I knew I liked that bike!

But let’s not forget about Jacob, the driver, who managed to keep us on the road the whole time.


It was a great way to finish 2011.

I took an ‘awesome’ video…hmm.

And then some pictures.

This is for the worried moms. See what speed we were going at?


The end of the road was there. A landslide came about a year ago so the road is no more.

Just for your information, because you've always wanted to know: the dodgiest place in town has the BEST chicken.


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