When It’s Too Hot For Hot Coffee

It’s hot here in Nepal.

And not just ‘let’s go to the swimming pool‘ hot. Or ‘finally I will get a tan‘ hot. Not even ‘I wish it was winter again‘ hot.

No, it’s ‘I can’t drink hot coffee‘ hot.

Yes, I just said it.
It’s that serious.

I banned the mountainbike weeks ago as even walking the 20 meters to get to my motor bike will make me sweat.
I have been drinking water and juice with ice cubes (which melt within 10 minutes).
I have turned on the fan in the living room during the day.

But somehow, last week a page was turned, a new season begun.

No more hot coffee.

This is reason to explore other ways of getting my daily caffeine dose. A solution was not too hard to find – if you can’t drink the coffee hot, then drink it cold.

I haven’t found or made the perfect recipe yet, but I was just gonna start with something like this:

– make coffee
– add ice
– add sweetened condensed milk

I’m pretty sure you can’t go wrong with that – except that the coffee will become weak because of the melting ice.

But while doing some research on the Internetz, I came across something so revolutionary, so genius, so amazing, yet so simple, that I just had to share it with you.

It almost made my teary eyed.


Yes! Coffee, as an ice cube!

Now I’m off to make some coffee to pour over those cubes.

better than the wheel


2 thoughts on “When It’s Too Hot For Hot Coffee

  1. Het is dat ik geen koffie lust, maar het is inderdaad de beste uitvinding sinds gesneden brood en antibiotica.

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