I had a dream last night.

No – don’t stop reading now. I won’t bore you with things like ‘And then all of a sudden my brother was there, but he was actually a dolphin, with a French accent! Ha Ha!’.

It was a dream that took an unexpected turn.

I was in trouble, involved in a war and hiding somewhere with a gun that I didn’t know how to use, and the bad guys were about to discover me and that was bad news, I knew. Seriously bad.

Fortunately I knew what to do..

I made some noise so that they found me, and then I simply fast forwarded the part that followed. Yes, I fast forwarded it.

There was some fighting, someone trying to strangle me, and me almost dying. All in all it was pretty scary – one of those dreams that will wake you up in the middle of the night, scared and confused.

But not this time, because before I knew it it was over, and I was hanging with a friend nonchalantly telling about the villains who had been attacking me but it didn’t harm me.

I wish this is how I could deal with the hardships in life. To just let them happen, as we usually don’t have control over them anyway, and to do that with the nonchalance and confidence of one that knows on whose side the victory already is.

I know the outcome.

The victory is ours.


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