Fishing and Fika in Sweden

This post is brought to you all the way from Sweden. Yesterday, I finally arrived in Jacobs country, the place he has been talking about so much. Even the plane was excited to get there, we landed 25 minutes earlier than scheduled.

My first impression: trees. Many trees. Lots of trees.
The houses are awesome here, made out of wood, and many of them are painted red and have a front porch. I love it.
The ‘beware of moose crossing the road’ signs are cool and I can understand the Germans steal them.

The Collin family lives in a beautiful farm house on the Swedish countryside. There’s a cat that’s always sleeping somewhere and there’s a 9 week old wiener dog named Disa that is so cute that you don’t even care she might bite your toes sometimes. There’s a chainsaw collection, a forest machine, a tractor, a shed filled with firewood, a moose head on the wall, a moose skull on the wall, and a picture with Jacob’s dad and a dead moose. And again, there is lots of trees.

What can I say? This is Sweden. :)

And here’s why I knew on the first day that I would like this family. The Swedes have a phenomenon that in English or Dutch may be called ‘coffee break’, but they gave it their own name: fika.

Fika is not just a regular coffee break. Fika is both a verb and a noun. Fika is coffee, and cookies, and cake. Sometimes it also includes candy or sandwiches. According to Wikipedia it’s a social institution.
After my first dinner in Sweden, we had fika. And if I tell you that the Collin family is also called ‘familjen fika’, then you know it was super nice, and that I will gladly make this tradition my own :)

Today Jacob and I walked down to the river where we got in the boat to go fishing. I put the worm on the hook, threw out the line in the water, and waited. But then I CAUGHT A FISH!!! I don’t think that until that point I had thought about the possibility of catching an actual fish. I did not know what to do, so it fell back into the water..but the second one I did get!

Then I learned how to kill a fish – in theory. The practical part will be some other day…

Here’s photo proof (I really was excited about catching it, even though I don’t look like it. But in this photo you can see the best how super big the fish really was ;) ). And now it’s time I go find that hammock that Jacob put up, and read a book. It’s Swedish summer!!


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