She Reads Truth

Nepal didn’t waste any time to let me know that I really am back. I had decided to take at least one day of rest after arriving in Pokhara (or well, decided…it was more like Jacob making me promise him to do so) but there is something about this place that can make even the smallest task eat away your time and energy.

There was a motor bike that needed to be fixed. I had to deal with moldy bed sheets and an ant invasion in the kitchen. There were neighbors asking if they could borrow water (not bottles, but tanks).

Even though I had also watched a movie and then ordered pizza so I didn’t have to cook, by 9pm I was exhausted and wondering why that could be.

Sometimes I think it’s harder to have grace with yourself than with others.

But today was a new day –
I had curtains made for my office so I can start working there in a few days.
I met a friend for lunch, and she got me basil, rosemary, lettuce and roma tomatoes to plant in my backyard.
I just purchased my very first song via iTunes (thanks Ellen & Jacob!) which is one of my current favorites.

This is a time of settling, of (re)connecting, but at the same time moving on and processing changes in my life. And in order to stay grounded in Him, I have recently joined an online community called SheReadsTruth.

I follow a reading plan which is currently a chapter from Proverbs every day, and then get to read a devotional about it. There’s many ways to be involved with the community of women doing the same thing, but what I just want is Truth and some material that will help me process it.

This is a verse from yesterday’s chapter that stuck with me and that I have tried to apply today, and I will keep doing that:

A friendly smile
makes you happy,
and good news
makes you feel strong.

Now listening:


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