Ruth’s Recipes – Simple Smoothie

Do you like the alliteration in this post’s title? I sure do.

First of all, a couple of random facts that led to the making of the actual smoothie.

– I am not very good with my daily intake of fruits and dairy. Still, I buy apples, mangoes and yoghurt, in an attempt to change my eating habits. Usually it doesn’t really help.

it’s not supposed to look like this

– Twice, I’ve been to the new department store in town: Bhat Bhateni. More food available than the average village-Nepali will see in their whole lives. The first time I was so overwhelmed by the options that I left with cleaning rags and 2 plastic jugs. The second time I bought a can of blueberries.

– I have a friend that runs a juice factory. They make the best juice, and especially the apple one I like. They happened to run out of bottles when making apple juice this time, so they filled up 2 litter bottles instead, for which they don’t have labels, so it can’t be sold in the stores. I have 6 bottles now :)

So, today the Simple Smoothie was born.

I could be embarrassed by posting such simple recipes on my blog, but hey, you gotta start somewhere!

Here are the directions.

Combine yoghurt, apple, blueberries and some apple juice.


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