Fishtail Hospital

Since I’ve been feeling quite tired for some time now, I decided to eliminate some possible causes by having a blood test done. In Nepal, most medical things are fast and cheap.

So on the advice of a friend I headed to Fishtail Hospital. If you wonder about the name: there is a mountain in the Annapurna range that vaguely resembles a fishtail, and is therefor called “Machhapuchhre” = fishtail.

I could choose between the Emergency Room and the counter. Since I don’t consider ‘tiredness’ an emergency, I went to the counter and asked where I could get a blood test done. The conversation went something like this:

“Excuse me. Where can I have a blood test done?”
“That’s down.”
“What? Down where? What?”
“Where do I go?”
“Down!” And she pointed somewhere behind me.

I walked in that general direction and found something that looked like a way into a parking garage. But down is down, so I kept walking and then found signs with “LAB”. That had to be it.

The friendly lab people told me I needed a note from the doctor.
Which doctor?
Well, just go to the ER.
But this is not an emergency.
Just go to the ER.

I pictured bleeding people lining up behind me at the ER while the doctor was writing down I was ‘feeling tired’ – but I had to follow my orders and went to the ER.

There I found a young man with a stethoscope around his neck chillaxing. He looked like a doctor to me (it was the stethoscope that gave it away) so I told him I wanted to have a blood test done.

He asked me why, wrote me a note and sent me to the first counter to pay. Our interaction had lasted for about 2 minutes, with 1 question from his side. When I paid, I discovered that that had been my doctor’s consult. It cost me about 5 euros. No wonder…

With the bill I was again sent to the lab, where they stuck a needle in my vein and asked me to come back for the results in 25 minutes. I like this place.

Then back to the doctor again with the result. He looked at it and assured me everything looked just fine. He took another paper and wrote this:

generalized tiredness

Generalized tiredness? What does that even mean? Am I generalizing my tiredness? Is he?

And he sent me away with some final medical advice: “Maybe you can take some vitamins!”


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