A P.S. About Bargaining

In my last post about bargaining, I failed to mention another strategy that I know. Sometimes, a salesman will insist that you name your price for an item. Even when you tell him you don’t want it, he wants you to just say your price, whatever you wanna pay for it.

My strategy was, that I would say such a ridiculously low price that he would give up right away.

Now, you all know the rules, right? When the salesman agrees with the price you say, you have to buy it.

You see where this is going?

I was scarf shopping with a friend, and the salesman tried to sell me one for maybe 2000 rupees. I didn’t want the scarf, but he kept asking me what I would pay for it.

Finally, I gave in and said ‘500 rupees’, assuming he would leave me alone then.

To my great shock and surprise, he said OK.

The scarf was mine,
and never again did I use this strategy.


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