The Future Will Be Great, But…

…we have to live in the now.

Wise words, right? :) Said to me by the guy that I will marry soon. And why would he be telling me this? Because sometimes I worry too much.

Sometimes, thinking about all the changes that are happening and will happen in my life makes me anxious and scared, because I don’t have control over it. Because things will change. Because I like where I’m at. Because I don’t wanna leave this place.

The thing is – things will always change. We always move. We never have control.

These words hit me and I fell asleep with a smile.

And here’s what I loved about today:

after days of rain, constant rain, this afternoon it finally stopped. While driving home I looked up and through a thick layer of clouds, I saw this big yellow ball in the sky, and I felt its warmth. So good.

Then I saw the mountains. The tops were still covered in clouds, but in the bottom the clouds had gone and there was loads of fresh snow. I love mountains,  and I love mountains with snow even more.

Then tonight, when I left my friends house I looked up and saw the sky filled with stars – finally visible, since there was no cloud in the sky.

Today, I loved the now :)

You know that feeling of being alive again after you’ve felt sick for a few days? Last weekend I caught a bad cold which took all my energy for 3 days. Then today I woke up and felt alive. Maybe it was those wise words, but it could’ve been the paracetamol, too.


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