One Year Of Awesomesauce – To My Friends And Family

In this picture that was taken on November 7th you can see Jacob and me, right before we ate a huge Korean meal with chopsticks. I used to not like Korean food, and I never knew how to eat using chopsticks, but somehow between a day in February 2011 and when this picture above was taken, that has changed.

It has been a year since Jacob asked me to be his girl. Of those 12 months, we were in the same country for about 6,5, which is not too bad considering we live on 2 different continents.

That day in 2011 was the first time we had Korean food together, and we will always refer to this day as the ‘non-date’. I liked him but couldn’t tell him yet, and he liked me but didn’t realize it yet. Still, we would always find excuses to hang out together and that day we had somehow spend together from morning to evening, starting with breakfast, later on a fika, and then dinner at a random Korean place. But he didn’t offer to pay, which I was thankful for, because that would have made it a date which it wasn’t supposed to be.

When he went back to Sweden we started to Skype, and when he realized that I was not just a friend we started Skyping more, and by the time he came back it didn’t take long for it to become official. That’s the short version, of course.

There’s something different about dating in another country, especially if he has a different nationality. We finally met each others families and friends after 7 or 8 months of dating.
We got engaged just a few weeks after my parents met him for the first time.
I had never brought him to my friends birthday parties.
We didn’t celebrate Christmas with my family.

So they have never seen him show up at my house with roses, on the 7th of the month (and getting roses in Nepal is NOT the same as getting them at home..).
They haven’t seen him make me breakfast when I don’t feel well.
They don’t know his 2 different dance moves (in my mind I call them Bollywood Move and Nameless Move).
They don’t know his annoying habits. (I will let them find out for themselves)

There’s a lot they don’t know, so that’s why I am using this opportunity to tell them. Of course they know he is awesome and that I am the lucky one to be marrying him, but all the rest matters too, right? So that they know with what kind of guy I will soon be living in Casa de Collin, our little purple apartment that I will soon write more about.

He reads the Swedish news so often that I know all the ads on the website.
He thinks it’s ok to talk about poop.
He writes his to do lists on his hand.
He makes the best coffee.
He can be very, very, very immature. (ok, me too, but this is supposed to be about him, right? Right.)
He has a sense of humor that I don’t always get, but still I get it more than the average person.
Once he did a wheelie on my motorbike – while I was on the back.

And then there’s so much more I could write but which is, though true, also gonna sound too cheesy. Because that’s what happens when you’re in love.

Let’s summarize by this: He makes me smile, he makes me laugh, and he makes me very happy.
And I hope one day you will get the chance to get to know this crazy awesome Swede better.


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