The Collin Castle – A Sneak Preview

As I mentioned in my last post, we recently found an apartment nearby we can rent. One of our main goals for this time that Jacob would be in Nepal, was finding a place to stay for when we are married. We wanted to decide on a place together, and then be able to get it ready before we come back after the wedding.

We looked at 4 different places. One was too dark, another too big, and the third not even finished yet. The one we decided to take was the first one we looked at, and it’s awesome in many aspects.


It’s not big, but just the right size for us.
It’s not on the main road but still easy to get to.
It’s recently renovated. Recently as in: they’re finishing it as we speak.
The landlords are super nice.
It’s purple…haha.
AND it’s right next to a little Chinese restaurant.

Everything is right about this place. And after a few talks we signed a contract, and from December 1st it will be ours.

We already bought lots of stuff in the festival sales, which we could store in our future guestroom (that’s how nice the landlords are).

Today we walked over and took some pictures so we could show it to you.

So let me introduce you to…the Collin Castle!!!

This is our street, right between 2 parallel main roads. Right now I live at one of those, and they are very busy and noisy. But you don’t hear a thing on this path!

Our gate. They painted everything, and apparently the landlord likes purple :)
They live on the 2nd floor, and the bottom floor will be ours.

Here’s Jacob, pretending to sit on a couch and read a newspaper in our living room (it kinda looks like he’s dancing, though)

Our kitchen

A new sink! Behind me is the shower and a western toilet, and on the left is a squatty potty :)

The hallway

The backyard…(and the landlord’s motor bike). Once it’s cleaned up, Jacob can grow vegetables there.



One of the 2 bedrooms. There is actually a 3rd one, but that one will be our dining room when the wall is knocked down.


And this is how happy we are with our little castle :)


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