I am typing this at the table in our dining room.

That’s right. Dining room. There’s also a living room, and a bedroom. And a guestroom. And a kitchen!

I have shared houses, I have shared rooms. I have lived with Dutchies, Koreans, Americans, Kiwi’s, Nepalis, Canadians, and Germans. But now I have this whole apartment to myself, and at any moment of the day I can choose in what room I will sit. I even have a whole fridge to myself!

There’s a time for everything, and this is the time to have my own place. And when I say ‘my’, I really mean ‘our’, because very soon I will be living here with my favorite Swede. The furniture in here we picked out together. The cups, glasses, plates, cutlery – everything. Well, the knife set was his choice because he’s picky about those things.
But when I look around, I see our home, our place, our things. I am alone now but that’s just temporary.

So while I am waiting for the moment we will both live here, I am getting the place ready. Cushions on the couch, curtains at the windows, I bought an oven the other day – you know, all the necessities. And I am so very happy about the luxuries* of this place.

A hot shower, any time of the day.

Back up power, since the electricity is off for 12 hours a day now.

A hot water bottle that warms my sleeping bag right before I go to bed.

This whole apartment is exactly what we wanted, including friendly, helpful landlords.

I am thankful!

I added a few pictures, but soon I will post some that will represent the current state of the place better…

* I am not sarcastic when I say luxuries, because it really is a luxury – it’s just that you get used to them if you don’t have to think about them. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

Levi helped us move.

Levi helped us move.


Coffee, because coffee is always good.

See that couch there? It's waiting for you. Come visit!

See those couches there? They’re waiting for you. Come visit!


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