Work, Skype, moving, packing, cleaning, traveling, planning, wedding-ing, and what not had left us looking sort of like this:


We needed to recharge, and quick.
So we went to Thailand.

Turns out, all you need to recharge is this:


Upon arrival in Nepal we could use all that new energy right away to get visa extensions, a clean house and back in the work routines, so today, instead of many words, I have some pictures to share with you.
But remind me to tell you soon about that time that Jacob tried to fit plastic shelves under the kitchen counter. I married a genius.


This is what we left behind in Vetlanda: lots of snow.


These are our flip flops, on the beach. Because it looks cool.


This was after many hours of travel. We could still smile, at least.


Jacob got an awesome hat. We got me a hat too, but because this is my blog I decide what photos are put on here.


We went squid fishing. This is the first squid I have ever caught, and that face means ‘Look-at-that-I-caught-a-squid-please-let-it-not-spray-ink-in-my-face-take-that-picture-quick-do-it-now’


3 thoughts on “Recharged

  1. Als de inktvis inkt had gesproeid, dan was dat wel weer leuk geweest om de hervatting van je blogactiviteiten symbolisch in te luiden. Maar ik ben blij voor je dat je inktloos van boord bent gegaan. (Toch? En anders pics!)

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