My Blog Is My Blog

No, no one has contacted me to claim this blog is actually theirs. Plus, I think the url kinda gives away whose blog this really is. However, I did feel the need to make that statement. Not so much for you, my readers, but for myself. Why?

I very much enjoy reading other people’s blogs. WordPress has this thing called Freshly Pressed, where they pick well written posts on all sorts of topics and showcase them. You don’t wanna know how much crap there is to read in blogland, and I find Freshly Pressed a very good way to just get to the good stuff.

Then there’s a variety blogs I regularly follow. There is Teunie the supermom of 10 kids (who is renamed the Measles Mom in our house) whose blogs about baking bread, making jam, keeping her veggie garden and knitting socks are so old school and inspiring at the same time.

I enjoy the creations of this girl, who became a self taught sewist and is now a self taught pattern designer. What?? Some people are just really talented. I hope to start sewing once I get my sewing machine (and myself) to Sweden and knowing that once upon a time she didn’t know how to sew either gives me hope.

There’s also this recently discovered blog of 2 girls that seem to have a little bit too perfect life, but they are artsy and creative and take beautiful pictures, and all of that is inspiring to me, so I just enjoy it.

Anywho, there is a lot more, but this was not meant to promote other blogs.

The thing is, generally the rule seems to be: if you wanna be a successful blogger, you need to have a thing. A theme. A focus. And then you get tons of followers who are interested in that thing.
You write about food, for example. Or you write about your life. Or about sewing. Or you take great pictures.

I kinda do all of that. Except for the great pictures, that is.

Sometimes I write about what I cooked. But if that would be all that this blog was about, it would be a sad blog full of 2 ingredient smoothies and how to make coffee ice cubes.

Sometimes I write about the craziness of life in Nepal. Fact is, after 3,5 years of living here I have sort of lost the way you look at a new culture. Things are not so strange to me anymore. And if they are, I don’t know if you will find them strange. I have learned a new kind of normal.

Sometimes I write personal things, or about Jacob. But there’s a very fine line between the things of my life I think is ok for the world to read, and what I should keep to myself or share with people I choose to share with. And because I’m not sure where the line is, I try to stay on the safe side.

So, my blog has had a little identity crisis lately.
But we are out of that now.
Because. My blog is my blog. So I write about food, hospitals, God or nothing whenever it pleases me. Because I write just because I love to write. Not to keep a bunch of readers happy, and not to gain more followers.




And because this is my blog, I also get to move on to a totally unrelated topic, namely Timothy J. Keller, whose book on marriage I HIGHLY recommend. But you can also download several of his sermons for free. I have listened to just one (Adoration: ‘Hallowed be thy name’) but I liked it very much, and I have started downloading more. Go to to download them!


6 thoughts on “My Blog Is My Blog

  1. my thoughts (as reader): shut up and just read…
    and then: just listen and think about that what you read…

  2. Love the blog, super fond of the writer as well! Me too. It’s just life via blog. So, without me buying the expensive book–tell me the secret of the meaning of marriage, will ya?

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