Conversations With A Nepali Policeman

At night time, often the police will stop all vehicles to check their registration and license. As a foreigner, it seems like you get quite a different treatment than the regular Nepali…
Last night our ‘check’ consisted of the following conversation.

Policeman 1 (seeing white people on a motorbike): Ohooo!!
Jacob: Hello.
Policeman 2: Where you going?
J: I’m going home.
P2: Where you live?
J: In Deep.
P2: Which country from you?
J: Sweden.
P2: Ah, Switzerland!
J: No, Sweden.
P2: From Sweden but in Nepal living
J: Yes.
P2: That your friend?
J: Yes, that’s my wife.
P2: Ah, your wife? Babies?
J: No, no babies.
P2: No son, no daughter? No sister?
J: No.
P2: Ok, go.
J: Thank you.


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