Guest Post by Jacob – Is Our Economy More Important Than God?

Hey all! Today we have a guestblogger over here. I think that’s a first.
His name is Jacob, and he has some good stuff to say.


Are you a christian?
Do you take God seriously?

This message is for you.

My question is this: Is our economy more important than God?

In recent years cohabitation has become more and more common in christian circles. Young couples move in together before they are married.


Because it’s accepted, no one says no and we don’t take our relationship with God seriously enough. The way I see it is this: one couple here and there started several years ago, sneaking a little. Although some people knew. But before anyone had collected the courage to correct them they were already married.

The bar was getting lowered.

The next couple did the same but a little less sneaky. And so on. A few years later it had become almost standard practice unless you were one of those super radical people.

And then we have the money. Renting an apartment these days for a young student or someone who has been working for just a few years is costly. And if you and your partner then have to get two apartments, well that’s just outrageous!

Or is it?

We all know God’s will for us – live like this, live like that, but why is it so hard to follow? Do we really believe that His will for our lives is the best? Do we trust Him with our lives? Judging by our actions I would say no. All these to do’s and don’ts – it’s just too hard.

My message is not so much to point out that cohabitation is wrong. I think most of us at least used to think that. But what I’m trying to say here is this: seek God!

God. First.

You know that passage: But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.

Then we will get out perspectives right. Love one another the way God intended and start to trust that He actually has the best plan for our lives. Cause He does. He IS loving, He IS caring, and He IS merciful.

And about the money, is your economy really more important than God?

– No it’s not Jacob, but I’m only working 50% right now and it’s a bit tight.

Well, eat out less, move in with some roomie, or buy a tent or something!
But don’t save on your rent if it will damage your relationship with God.




2 thoughts on “Guest Post by Jacob – Is Our Economy More Important Than God?

  1. Sorry for the late reaction! I agree with you, and I think we can apply this to every situation where logic meets faith. This is my attitude most of the time: no, I don’t trust God, it’s better to play it safe then to obey and possibly get in to trouble, I need to take care of ME because HE is not going to be sufficient. This hurts God and it hurts me. It’s comforting to know that I’m not the only one who has struggled with this, e.g. Sara and Hagar.
    Keep ‘m coming, those blogs of yours, en Ruth, niet stoppen met schrijven, oké?

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