How To…Kill A Buffalo In Nepal

(Warning: picture with blood below in this post.)

1. Get a buffalo.


2. Hammer an iron rod into the ground.

3. Attach buffalo and buffalo’s front leg to rod with a rope.

4. Get previously used (ginormous) hammer and hit the buffalo right on top of his head so it dies.

5. Hit a few more times to make sure it’s really dead.

6. Cut the throat and catch the blood.

7. Skin it, cut it, share the meat amongst the neighbors.




[Some background information: right now it’s Dashain, Nepal’s biggest Hindu festival. Animals are being slaughtered for the purpose of sacrifice as well as feasts.]


9 thoughts on “How To…Kill A Buffalo In Nepal

  1. Looks delicious. Convenient they cut it, it’s hard to fit an entire buffalo in the oven (I guess, never tried it before). Bon appetite!

  2. I can relate! I lived in Nepal for a year and never quite got used to them slaughtering pigs in my backyard early on Saturday mornings. Except (for some reason) the pigs weren’t tied down and they would run squealing around the yard while being chased with a hammer.

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