Thankful #1 – Mail* From Home

What’s the deal with thankfulness?

It seems like everyone is keeping records of the things they are thankful for. And here I am, joining the club. Call it lame, call it unoriginal, but I can no longer ignore The Signs that the universe has sent me so far (or maybe it’s just that thankfulness is a hype and that that’s why it’s mentioned in every magazine that people send me).

I’m not gonna write every single day about the happy thing of that day. I could tell you that that’s because I don’t want to spam my dear readers, but the truth is that I’m not THAT committed so it’s better to not make such a commitment in the first place. Besides, it will too easily become a bragging thing.

I will keep my own record, and every now and then I will share one of them with the world.

For today, it’s mail from home.


You know, when you move away from home, like 7000 km, many things will change. One of them is your friendships. It’s kind of like one big experiment: what will happen to the friendship if our contact is limited to Skype calls and emails?
The answer is that some sort of selection will happen: the core will remain. The acquaintances will slowly become more distant. I could recommend it to anyone, really. It’s like a spring cleaning among your friends.
Then there’s your family, but the beauty of that is that they will always be your family.

When you’re in some sort of transition, what you need is something familiar to hold on to. Something that will reassure you that not everything is changing. Maybe it’s that you still have your toast with Gouda cheese in the morning. Or that you’re following Boer Zoekt Vrouw. Or that you have a regular Skype call with your mom. Whatever it is, it tells you that things may be uncertain or scary right now, but there’s still that.
Well, let me tell you – emigrating is one heck of a transition that turns everything upside down. And knowing that your friends and family at home think of you, pray for you and care for you is the best reassurance you could wish for.

So today I’m thankful for mail* from home. For the mail I’ve received over the past 6 years – in Switzerland, in Nepal, and in Sweden.

Friends, family: thank you.

*including, but not limited to: emails, facebook chats, skype calls, gmail chats, cards, letters, packages, visits, videos, etc, etc.


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