I Can’t Find My Words

Writing is what I do and what I have always done. Yet it seems like the last weeks, or really months, I haven’t been able to find my words. Maybe there is too many words in too many languages in my head and am I just too busy organizing them, too busy to write them down.

So instead today I will share words from someone else, a song that I listened to and that I enjoyed.

“Please Be My Strength” – Gungor

I’ve tried to stand my ground
I’ve tried to understand
but I can’t seem to find my faith again

like water on the sand
or grasping at the wind
I keep on falling short

please be my strength
please be my strength
Cause I don’t have anymore
I don’t have anymore

I’m looking for a place
that I can plant my faith
one thing I know for sure

I cannot create it
I cannot sustain it
It’s Your love that’s keeping (captured) me

Please be my strength…

at my final breath
I hope that I can say
I’ve fought the good fight of faith

I pray your glory shines
through this doubting heart of mine
so my world would know that You

You are my strength
You and You alone
You and You alone
Keep bringing me back home


One thought on “I Can’t Find My Words

  1. Music helps. Sometimes I will be listening to a song, and a few of the lyrics, or combination of lyrics, will kick something off. Inspiration is great that way :)

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