Blogging About Babies

When I changed the design of my blog quite a while ago, a friend hinted that maybe it was in preparation of family expansion. That was not the case, I just liked the theme and the colors, but now that that family expansion is on the way I realize that our current life situation + my current blog design = seemingly high likelihood of this blog turning into a ‘mommy blog’. (puke)

Well, eh…no. Not going to happen. First of all, why would I want to share every fart and hiccup from a human being who might be the center of MY world, but will most certainly not be the center of anyone elses world (at least not for a while)?
Second of all, bo-ring.

So don’t worry. I will keep all the details of my ‘safe cribs’, ‘EU standards for baby mattresses’, ‘can I paint while pregnant’, and ‘what is snissing’ Google searches to myself (don’t Google that last one unless you are pregnant). I also won’t bore you with ’25 baby food recipes’, because Pinterest. So I guess I will just keep doing what I have always done: write when I feel like it, about whatever I feel like writing about.

Like this:

Based on some very scientifically reliable research, I have come to the conclusion that this little baby:

a) will only feel at home with the sounds of drills, axes and saws. (and no, I don’t watch horror movies all the time – it’s called renovating/building)

b) is going to love cello music.

c) already loves her dad more than me. Just kidding. But seriously.


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