About Ruth

I was born in a flat country below sea level, then moved to a country with some of the highest mountains of the world, where I fell in love with a handsome guy from the land of Ikea whom I then married.

These days we divide our time between Sweden and Nepal. The biggest constant in my life is language. In a normal day, I use up to 5 different ones, both for work and for communication.

Other than language learning I enjoy baking, reading/listening to too many books, and exploring my creative skills.

My blog started as a way to keep friends and family updated about my adventures in the land of mountains and momo’s, and it quickly turned into one of my favorite things to do, simply because I love to write.

And I love to hear from you – the reader.


6 thoughts on “About Ruth

      • It’s true, they are just addictive, delicious cookies. I do write a food blog, I have decided to share my passion in the kitchen with others! I would be honoured if you checked it out. I only wish I could help you more with cooking in Nepal! Altitude can be tricky to work with.

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