On My Mind Right Now

1. Thanks to the cyclone in eastern India, it has been raining here non stop since last night. I’m really cold, I put on socks and I’m sitting here with a yak wool blanket wrapped around me, drinking hot coffee. Then I saw the thermometer in our hallway. It says 21 C.


Not sure how that will work out with moving to Sweden, when right now it’s NINE degrees in Vetlanda.

2. When I start learning Swedish, I will already excel in the categories ‘cooking and baking’ and ‘renting an apartment’. The proof for that is the Danish wienerbröd we baked last night from a Swedish cookbook, and the fact I managed to make a profile AND apply for several apartments on an all Swedish website. Yes, I do have a personal translator living with me. But still.
Now picture an Instagram picture of a delicious looking Danish wienerbröd with custard and icing. Hashtag mylifeisawesome.

3. I have clicked ‘refresh’ on the Swedish apartment website about 2.530.959.113 times today. There is 2 people ahead of us for the apartment we have applied for.
Now, how long does it take to make up your mind if you want it or not? MAKE A DECISION ALREADY!!1!!!



3 thoughts on “On My Mind Right Now

  1. Ik ben blij dat je van koffie houdt en dat je een verwarming hebt en een deken en iets lekkers hebt gebakken. Zonder dat zou deze blog een stuk minder gezellig zijn geweest. :) Ennnnn zet in ‘always look on the bright sight of life, pompom, pompompompomtiedom’ – voor iedereen die nu ook het liedje in zijn hoofd heeft: graag gedaan.

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